Data on court decisions in cases of repealing legislation

  1. Решением Верховного Суда Российской Федерации от 9 октября 2015 г. по делу № АКПИ15-885 пункты 7.3, 24, 45 Методических рекомендаций по применению Правил предоставления субсидий на оплату жилого помещения и коммунальных услуг, утвержденных приказом Министерства регионального развития Российской Федерации и Министерства здравоохранения и социального развития Российской Федерации от 26 мая 2006 г. № 58/403 признаны частично недействующими со дня их принятия.

  2. Решением Верховного суда Российской Федерации от 3 февраля 2016 г. по делу № АКПИ15-1365 пункт 30 Положения о признании помещения жилым помещением, жилого помещения непригодным для проживания и многоквартирного дома аварийным и подлежащим сносу или реконструкции, утвержденного постановлением Правительства Российской Федерации от 28 января 2006 г. № 47 признан недействующим со дня вступления решения суда в законную силу.

Виды деятельности

Urban development and architecture

Legal regulation Technical regulation Pricing Self-regulation in the construction industry Confirmation of the suitability of new products for use in construction Building materials industry Standard projects Personnel training State control Questionnaire. Status of the construction industry in a region of the Russian Federation Special technical regulations All-Russian competition for the title of the "Most comfortable city (rural) settlement of Russia" X All-Russian competition for best project, survey organization XVIII All-Russian competition for best construction company, building materials and construction industry enterprise

Housing and utilities

Public-private partnership in housing and utilities Management of apartment buildings Overhaul of apartment buildings Liquidation of substandard housing Modernization of the municipal complex. Attracting private investment into the sector Energy saving and energy efficiency in the housing and utilities sector Public control in the sphere of housing and utilities Informing citizens about their rights and responsibilities in the sphere of housing and utilities Transfer to concession schedules for housing and utilities objects

Public services

Urban development competition Expert review of project documentation and engineering survey results Application, statement and other document forms that are accepted by the public agency for consideration Issuance of building permits Statistical and analytical data on the provision of public services Issuance of сommissioning permits Expert certification

Regulatory activity

Administrative procedure for appeals against action (inaction) of the Minstroy of Russia, subordinate organizations and officials Judicial procedure for appeals against action (inaction) of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities Judicial procedure for appeals against legislation and other decisions Data on court decisions in cases of repealing legislation Draft legislation Legislation

Housing policy

«Housing for the Russian Family» program Providing housing for certain categories of citizens Mortgage credit lending Monitoring of the housing construction volume and housing market prices Rental housing Preconstruction development

Implementation of government programs

Providing affordable and comfortable housing and communal services to the citizens of the Russian Federation Non-program section Federal target programs

International relationships